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"Why Did He Heal and I Didn't?"

Have you ever questioned this? “Why did he heal and I didn’t?”

This question has been taking over the health-care industry for years and we are getting closer and closer to the answer! Keep reading…

A Quick Story:

Tommy Bad-Day has low-back pain and so does his neighbor, Johnny Better-Now. Mr. Better-Now, although still experiencing sporadic pain, is able to do all the things he loves to do. On the other hand, due to Mr. Bad-Day’s pain, he was forced to stop golfing, stop bowling, cannot play or pick-up his grandchildren and has a back surgery consultation set up in a few months.

What is the difference between these two? Why did Mr. Bad-Day progressively get worse where Mr. Better-Now either stopped getting worse or actually healed and got better?

Scientists believe they are as close as ever to finding the answer!

Here’s one thing we all know: The healing process takes time, obviously. So why does it take longer for some to heal than others and why do some seem to never heal at all?

Research shows that progressively worsening long-term health problems are the outcome of poor structure. The human body, as complex as it is, is built to grow and heal in a timely manner. If someone has a health problem that is getting worse, the body is not structured in a way that allows for the healing process to do what it does best — heal!

Have you ever wondered why Chiropractic has survived as long as it has? Why does it seem like everyone knows someone that loves their Chiropractor?

Chiropractic has not only survived but it has thrived! Here is what Chiropractic found:

The body, when structured correctly, works better. Just like anything, if the structure isn’t working correctly, it stresses the system. Think about a vehicle, or the bridge, or the body, or a card house. You get the picture. Poor structure, things fall apart.

So here’s why this matters and what we’re up to! We have been monitoring and recording 3 different structure-related health markers on the outcome of thousands of adjustments and the results have been ground-breaking and now we want to continue to gather more and more data, with more and more unique cases! Each and every case in Chiropractic is vastly different as everyone comes in with different health history’s and health conditions. What we want to do is continue to develop better systems by asking for your help!

This is a long time coming but we are excited to announce that we are opening our next round for our Beta Program! This one time offer is for anyone that deals with a health condition (any health condition) and wants to see it go away!

Since this is a Beta and spots will fill up fast, we will take your spot based on when you initially reach out to us about the program. From there, we will have you to the office to go over what the program and package looks like.

One thing I will tell you, this will be the best price you might ever find Chiropractic Care!

So here’s what we need you to do. Reach out to us and let us know you want in!

The easiest is to call the office which you can click the “Call” button on the upper right of the website.

Or, click here and fill out your information and we will reach out to you. IMPORTANT: Please Comment “Beta” so we can be sure to get you on the list.

Once you are in, the spot is yours for a week! These spots will fill up fast so don’t hesitate!

In Health,

Your Health Team at LIV Chiropractic

P.S. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the future.



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