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Three Must-Know Health Habits

Three Must-Know Health Habits

It isn’t laziness that keeps us from practicing healthy habits. Often, it’s that we haven’t thought enough about it.  These are the three habits that we instill in our practice members at LIV Chiropractic and it makes a world of difference for each and every member.

First: Focus On Deep Breathing

The average person breathes 12-20 times per minute which equates to 12,000 to 30,000 times per day! A small change in our breathing pattern can increase the overall oxygen to our blood which leads to an increase in energy levels, brain activity, immune response and improved posture. Here is a list by bullet-point for you to remember. Write these down so you can further study each technique.

  • Breathe all the way down to the belly button: Did you know that outside of America, we are known for our shallow breathing? Don’t let this be you. Unfortunately, body image is a main cause of shallow breathing. Sucking in your stomach doesn’t do you any justice. Let it out and if you want a flatter stomach, keep reading for point number 3.
  • Slow down your breathing to 6-10 breaths per-minute, hourly: This strategy takes discipline and is entirely worth it. Taking 8 breaths a minute is roughly one breath every 7-8 seconds. Do it right now and see how long that is. Did you notice a decrease in anxiety or your stress levels? Studies show that focusing on breathing can help eliminate depression – even just a one minute every hour! Tip: Set a reminder on your phone every hour, on the hour until it becomes a habit.
  • Don’t quit until you fill up your lungs: Did you know that your lungs go all the way up to the top of your thorax? That means our lungs are much bigger than we think they are. So use them! When you take a breath, breathe all the way from your belly button to above your clavicles (collarbones). This alone will increase the length of breath and help to fill your body with oxygen!

Second: Focus On Your Posture

Posture has become a big topic of conversation over the past 20 years. Why? Because studies are showing that poor posture not only affects our confidence but it also has detrimental effects on our internal organ and communication system. Are we saying that better posture can help with asthma and allergies and digestive issues? That is exactly what we are saying! Your body functions better when it isn’t cramped. Breathing upwards gives space to each and every organ and helps keep the disks in between each vertebrae wide open (this allows space for the nerve to communicate better from the brain to the body and vice versa). Here are a few bullet-points to remember. Again, I would write these down somewhere where you can see them!

  • Ear Over Shoulder: One of the most detrimental areas to have poor posture is in the neck. Forward Head Posture has been linked to many long-term health problems. Make sure that you are not hunched over. Think about this; every inch that your head moves forward is another 10 pounds your neck muscles have to hold up. That’s astonishing! Look at yourself from the side and make sure that your ear is over your shoulder. “Stand-up Straight!”
  • The Body Craves Symmetry: This might be the most important bullet point. Imagine the average American Worker… They drive to work, sit at work, sit through lunch, sit all afternoon, drive home, sit at the dinner table and sit on the couch. The average American sits 16 hours a day! Do you think that the way we sit might be important? Yes is the answer! When you sit, make sure that your legs are shoulder width apart, your legs and backside are even on your seat and that your spine is straight up and down with your ear over your shoulder. Tip: Be sure that you do not sit with anything in your back pockets for long periods of time… & tell your friends.
  • Move: Believe it or not, most postural issues stem from fatigue. When you have poor posture, you have poor structure and this negatively affects your energy efficiency. This is why you see most of your co-workers slouching in the afternoon because their body does not have the energy it needs to hold up the body. Tip: Your body gains energy when you exercise! Move enough to sweat everyday and you’ll be shocked by the increase in your energy levels!

Third: Fuel Yourself Properly

In your body, old cells are dying constantly and new cells are forming. Where do these new cells come from? Our fuel! Are we saying that a turkey sandwich that you eat for lunch could potentially become the cells of your eye? Yes! It is imperative that you give your body the fuel it needs. These points can be implemented first by just becoming aware of them. We’ll often tell people, “Don’t even stop eating sugar yet, just start thinking that you don’t need it or even like it that much.”

  • Breath of Life Foods: It’s very important to understand the two sides to food. One is the food that lives or has lived. This is your vegetables, fruits, barley (grains) and animals that ate fruits and vegetables and grains (because we are what we eat). The other side is the non-living ‘food’. The crackers and fruit snacks and anything refined (like refined sugar and flour) and pasta noodles. Tip: Take inventory of what you eat and determine a ratio of your own diet.  Living Food:Non-Living Food. Get your ratio and work on increasing the Living Food side. You’ll notice a major difference going from 30:70 to even 50:50.
  • Feed Your Body, Not Your Mind: Most Americans are severely addicted to refined sugar. When we eat, it is often not to replenish and fuel our body but because we mentally are addicted to certain foods. Awareness is the first step. Paying attention to what triggers you to want these foods and replacing them with sliced apples and other healthy snacks will be a life-changer! Tip: Fruit has a sugar in it but it is not refined sugar! They are different. You could not eat enough Living Food’s so Go Nuts!
  • Try a Fast: Fasting is not only great for your body but also for your mind. Breaking out of addictions can be one of the hardest and most rewarding thing you can do for yourself (maybe consider it a birthday present). Fasting also allows time for your body to detox out some things that it has been waiting to dispose of but is always too busy metabolizing the constant eating.

When Should I Start?

Start Today! The important part is to set a date and focus intently on who you will be mentally, physically and emotionally when you breathe deeply, stand tall and fuel yourself properly. Make sure that you keep these bullet-points close to you when you are at work. What better time to work on healthy habits then when you are working!


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