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The Hidden 90% to Better Health

Man with back painMost of us have dealt with aches and pains at some point in our lives. Whether it be headaches, neck tension, low back pain, hip, knee or ankle pain; it’s a nuisance.

How Much of Our Nervous System Feels Pain?

Some new information coming out recently at the forefront of the health care industry is this:
Only 10% of our nerves actually feel pain!

So when we’re hurting, it’s only a small percentage of our nervous system that is focused on pain. So what is the rest of the system doing?

This is what we call our autonomic nervous system. It sounds like “automatic” and that really is what it is. It’s all the things that we don’t have to focus on in order to maintain a normal and healthy lifestyle.

The Other 90%

Our heart beats and increases and decreases based on our activity, our lungs breath and adapt to the different things in the air, our kidneys and liver process toxins and these are all things that we don’t have to think about. This is the other 90%!

So how do we know if our 90% is functioning well? A little trick is to look at the 10% that feels pain. If you are in pain, usually your autonomic function has decreased also.

This explains why a 50 year old male that eats healthy, exercises and stretches can have a sudden onset heart attack following a marathon even though he didn’t have any symptoms or pain at all.

If you experience digestive issues, a heart condition or any other internal functioning issues, see a chiropractor before trying to treat with drugs or surgery.

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