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New Patients

Welcome to LIV Chiropractic! We are a local and private practice that offers gentle and effective chiropractic care in a fun and trusting environment! Our practice is filled with friendly faces and features an open adjusting studio for a sleek and modern chiropractic experience. Our goal is for people to be able to add chiropractic to their life efficiently. Here, you’ll find that it’s easy to fit chiropractic into your already busy day.

“We took old-age chiropractic and made it modern and sleek, perfect for a big city feel.” Dr. Scott Hawkins

The First Appointment

Welcome to the practice! We love to get to know our new patients and make them feel right at home. Your health consultation with Dr. Scott will help us provide the best type of care for you. We believe healing is a partnership between the doctor and the patient and this first visit is a wonderful opportunity to talk with Dr. Scott about your wants and needs! If we can help you, we will tell you that. If we cannot, we will tell you that too and help you find someone that can.

Do you take insurance?

We run complimentary insurance checks to see what your insurance will cover. As you know, all insurance companies and plans are different. It is our goal to get you the level of care you need in the most affordable and efficient manner possible.

Patient Education

We take education and understanding very seriously. Health is our great asset and Chiropractic can be difficult to understand how it should fit into your already very busy lifestyle. We supplement adjustments with blogs, educational videos and handouts to make sure your visits to LIV Chiropractic are as successful as possible!

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