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Meet Dr. Ken Wilson

Dr. Ken Wilson, Edina ChiropractorSaddled with sickness about 6-8 times a year growing up, Dr. Ken would be bedridden or housebound for several days each time. He just got used to it even though he realized that was no way to live. His medical doctor told Dr. Ken that that’s just how it is. “He even suggested that I keep an extra bottle of antibiotics in the refrigerator to use the next time I got sick. Looking back, I realized what horrible advice that was.”

Discovering an Aptitude for Chiropractic

While studying biochemistry at the University of Minnesota Duluth, Dr. Ken planned to go into the medical field. To determine which discipline, he took an aptitude test that generated 10 professions based on his answers. “Though chiropractic was #6 on the list I took the top 10 and went around the community and in Duluth and back home and started talking to those practitioners.” The list included dentists, radiologists, chiropractors and optometrists.

When Dr. Ken got to #6, he was in Duluth and talked to a chiropractor. His then-girlfriend was working at a chiropractor’s office; she invited Dr. Ken to a lecture on health, healing and chiropractic. “The doctor explained chiropractic so simply, and I wondered how I had not heard of it before. How come the medical profession hadn’t told me this before?” Dr. Ken then decided to go to chiropractic school.

He left the University of Minnesota Duluth a semester early to attend Northwestern Health Sciences University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree and Doctor of Chiropractic.

Providing Natural and Effective Care

As chiropractic just made sense to Dr. Ken, he is passionate about communicating the truth about how to heal and how to elevate patients’ health and wellness so they can start to dominate their life the way they deserve.

“I believe everybody deserves to be healthy and chiropractic is a way to bring health and healing to people looking for alternatives to conventional medicine.”

Dr. Ken loves to help people get back the life that they thought was lost. He also likes to bring hope, answers and results. “My biggest success is putting my head on the pillow at night knowing that I worked hard and told people what they needed to hear.”

Family and Outside Interests

Outside the practice, Dr. Ken enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and two young children. He’s happy that his kids will live a very different life because their father knows where true health comes from. “I want them to be a walking billboard and example of what it looks like to truly be a light in this world.”

He and Dr. Scott are also very active in the area, trying to make Edina the healthiest community in the world.

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