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"Don't Be a Good Host to a Bad Guest"

How your Immune System Works

How your Immune System Works

[5 minute read] Imagine you have a family of five. You, your spouse and three kids. Look at what happens when a rude guest comes into your home in these two very different scenarios.

Scenario A
Your family has built strong habits and patterns. Everyone is up at a certain time. Everyone eats a good breakfast and leaves home at the same time, with ample time to get to your respective locations. Everyone arrives home at the same time, eats a good dinner and then goes to bed in routine. The house is tidy. Meals are nutritious. The family is generally relaxed.

Scenario B
Your family does whatever comes to you. You wake up when you wake up. You eat a quick breakfast when you have time. You stumble out of the house late every morning and return home to the mess you left from the morning. Everyone eats dinner when they will, usually something quick and goes to bed whenever it might happen. The house is usually a mess. Meals often lack nutrition. The family is generally stressed.

A Bad Guest on the Scene
Imagine that in both situations, you add a guest visitor into your home. The guest is rude. They believe that although it’s your family, the way they do things is the way your family should do things. They believe successful people eat McDonald’s multiple times a week because “time is money”. They stay up late at night watching television because it’s important to be current on all the latest trends. Due to late nights, they sleep in and often show up late to work which they say, “it’s fine because my boss doesn’t care”. Generally, this person has a negative outlook on most things.

Scenario A Due to the positive patterns and habits that your family has built, the rude guest is less effective at forcing their ways on your family. They feel uncomfortable. They leave after a day and tell their friends that you are not a good host.

Scenario B The rude guest likes what they see. They see a family that should live they way they live. In time, the whole family begins to act like the guest. They find themselves eating McDonald’s multiple times a week. Staying up late, waking up late. They develop a toxic routine. Negativity fills the house. They stay as long as they want and tell their friends how good of a host you are and are excited to return.

By now you see that the guest is a virus and your home is your body. It’s clear here that a lack of positive patterns and habits will leave you vulnerable to the world around you, good and bad. This analogy falls short because unfortunately, a virus doesn’t call you before hand to let you know that it wants to come over but there is a valuable point here.

Who’s fault?
Pointing fingers when it comes to your family won’t do much. If there is a toxic situation in your house, it’s your fault. Building positive habits can also be your fault.

Action Steps

During this time, it is important to build a routine.  Shopping for the right things so you don’t end up at the drive through.  Doing something to get your heart rate up a few times a week. Filling your mind with positive thoughts throughout the day and making certain that your family is doing the same.  Don’t be a good host to a bad guest.


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