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"Distanced" Chiropractic Appointments Added Amidst Shutdown Conversations

“Distanced” Chiropractic Appointments Added Amidst Shutdown Conversations

LIV Chiropractic, A Health Clinic in the Fairview Southdale Area has added specialized “distanced” appointments through March and into April. “It’s important to understand that these adjustments will contain minimal contact, will be quick appointments and the office will be cleaned with organic products often throughout the day.”

“We need to get people the adjustments they need. An adjustment, which comes with a 200% increase in immune system function must be available to the public at this unique time.”

These appointments will be stripped down to the adjustment only. We don’t want to increase human-to-human contact and will use a minimal contact adjustment technique.  *No other testing or therapy will be administered which will decrease cost and time in office dramatically.

Click here to request an appointment and we will get to you as soon as we can. *Our goal is to schedule same day appointments.

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