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$21 New Patient Special Offer

Top Rated, Same-Day Chiropractor Near Eden Prairie

Quality Chiropractic Care At An Affordable Price

Have you been looking for a natural form of health care that can help you feel fantastic and get you on the path to wellness? At LIV Chiropractic, we promise to provide safe, gentle, highly effective and affordable chiropractic care for you and your family.

Take advantage of our $21 New Patient Special Offer and start feeling better today!
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With same-day appointments and evening availability, we’ve made quality chiropractic care easy to fit into your busy schedule. Our $21 New Patient Special Offer makes taking care of your body more affordable than ever. This offer includes

  • Initial consultation
  • Examination
  • Testing
  • Report of the doctor’s findings

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Experience Highly Effective Care At Our State-Of-The-Art Chiropractic Office Near Eden Prairie

Chiropractic care can help with illnesses, pain, and many more health issues, including:

  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Auto accident injuries
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Shoulder pain
  • Pinched nerves
  • Stress
  • Sleep disorders
  • Asthma
  • Pregnancy related symptoms
  • Scoliosis
  • Infancy & childhood care

Come and see what it feels like to live better!
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$21 New Patient Special Offer
  • Dr. Scott is a caring person who loves seeing his practice members thrive. I highly recommend checking out LIV Chiropractic to experience the magic of a body working at its optimal level.

    - Kevin Levandoski
  • I have been going to Liv for about a month and a half now and it has been a great experience overall! Dr. Ken and Dr. Scott are very knowledgable and go the extra mile to educate people about their health and body. At the beginning, I didn’t have a great understanding of their practice and style, but overtime I have been able to learn about all the great ways they are able to help both myself and others. Highly recommend!

    - jason wang
  • My experience with LIV has been INCREDIBLE thus far!
    I have been receiving care from the doctors at LIV, Dr. Ken and Dr. Scott, for a little over two months, and am already seeing amazing results! The doctors are very knowlegeable and are very passionate about helping people live a healthier lifestyle through chiropractic.
    It’s a fun, energetic and very friendly environment, and I always look forward to going in for my next adjustment!

    - Larisa Tkach
  • Great experience. Explained exactly what was going on. I learned a lot!!!

    - Julie Thompson
  • Just finished my first month and started the second month.
    I had anxiety/depression and sleeping problems for a long time and needed the meds everyday and nights.
    I couldn’t sleep at all without the meds (or rarely sleep well even with the meds) before I started LIV Chiropractics.

    After the first few adjustments, I now don’t need any meds at all. I can fall in sleep and stay asleep without the meds. Even Sunday nights when anxiety is built up for the coming week, I can still sleep enough. The change was amazing!!

    Adjustments are very gentle and day by day.
    Babies are adjusted, meaning it’s very safe!
    You won’t have experience numbness after the adjustments. (Too many people experience numbness adjustments when they go to chiropractics and had adjustments…)

    I look forward to seeing how I do later this year with anxiety and sleeping problems as well as physical fatigues and tightness.

    Thank you, Dr. Scott and Dr. Ken!!

    - Maiko Hosokawa
  • Literally the best chiropractor place! The atmosphere in the office is so warm and caring, makes you want to come back, makes you feel taken care of. Thoughtful, smiling, attentive – customer service at it’s best. I never believed in chiropractics, in fact, I was scared of it for years. Now the only thing I can say – why was I waiting for so long!? IT WORKS! IT HELPS! My back is feeling better.  THANK you for such a great experience!!!!

    - Yana Natan
  • I have never felt better !!  Their concept of your nervous system & how it interacts with your body is fantastic. The aches & pains disappear. Being on a maintenance plan keeps your body in tune. No more motrin or ibuprofen  since I have been a patient.  And their passion for their patients is a 10+ !!!!!!  They are the best !!!!

    - Skip Thomas
  • Found this amazing place on google,this place is amazing! The doctor really cares !
    I will definitely highly recommend this place

    - Shani Amit
  • This place has been a blessing. I found Liv on Facebook and decided to give a chiropractor a try for the first time, since I know so many people that talk highly of a chiropractor. It most definitely met my expectations and taught me so much about my body and I found out something I would have never known was wrong with my body. The adjustments were pain free, quick, and comfortable. The doctor really cares about his job and helping getting people better. Would most definitely recommend this place.

    - Paige Thomas
  • I have had an amazing experience attending Liv Chiropractic care. Dr. Scott has been so helpful and has helped me so much. I have been suffering with a horrible sleep schedule and was not getting the amount of sleep my body needed. Through chiropractic care and the adjustments my body was able to better relax and I have noticed less stress. This has helped me sleep at night much better. I am able to deal with stress throughout the day so much better and find myself in a better mood throughout the day. I also notice that I can do more throughout the day as I have more energy. I was dealing with seasonal allergies and a horrible cough, I have noticed my immune system strengthen so much while attending. I would definitely recommend Liv Chiropractic to anyone who wants to maintain better health and anyone else having health issues as it will change your life and help you feel better.

    - Vyacheslav Tkach
  • There is no other place like Liv, the awesome looks of the place to the staff members. Dr. Ken and Dr. Scott provide the best care I’ve seen by far, I’d definitely recommend coming here to anybody. Always a happy atmosphere and I always feel welcomed there!

    - Curtis Wilson
  • I will always remember how Dr. Scott came in on a day they were normally closed so he could help me with my pain relief. That is a Doctor that truly cares about his patients.
    The office is clean, professional and spacious.

    - Patrick Dixon
  • My treatment has been very professional. Appointments are short and easy to fit into a busy schedule. I am looking forward to how my treatment will unfold as I continue.

    - Elizabeth Laabs
  • I know of no other professionals that are as passionate about their purpose in life as the team at LIV Chiropractic.
    They are so focused and driven to help people bring their bodies and minds to operate at their most optimum.
    They will help anyone go as far as they would like to go toward better health and happier life, through regular adjustments, helpful hints, tips, classes and motivation
    The vibrant, family oriented office is refreshing. I love seeing the babies and kids there.
    One of the most wonderful things I’ve noticed since having Dr. Ken and Dr. Scott adjust me is, no matter who comes in and what their disposition is when they arrive, everyone walks out of that office with a huge smile on their face!
    To me, that speaks volumes about their business.

    - Dean Strickland
  • Visiting a chiropractic practice is a new experience for me.  I didn’t have a lot of preconceived notions about what it would be like, but I guess my favorite thing is I always feel good when I leave.  I like being in a room where other people are getting treated at the same time. I like being seen immediately during walk in hours (wow!), and feel more like I am maintaining good health rather than being treated for “illness”.  It is clean and friendly.

    - Janet Ha
  • Amazing place to go for TRUE chiropractic care. The doctors and staff here set the bar for an educational, open, relaxing, and uplifting environment. It’s been awesome to see the progression and growth in the lives and health of my wife and I, that has resulted from care over the last 8 months. If you are looking to change your life for the better, go here!

    - Austin Nelson
  • Upon entering LIV, I  experienced a welcoming and renewing atmosphere. Dr. Ken and Dr Scott have been treating me and I can’t begin to describe how wonderful I am feeling and the optimum levels my body is performing at! I had terrible allergies, I was on nasal spray, inhalers, and multiple medications for 40 years! It wasn’t immediate, but after being treated I can proudly say I have been off EVERYTHING for almost two years! I had terrible sleepless nights and now I sleep so soundly! I have more energy and feel healthy and strong; the quality of my life is so much better! I strongly recommend LIV chiropractic!

    - Rylie Wilson
  • Great adjustments and very passionate about their mission. Overall – great people!!!

    - Jenni Rolow
  • So far, so good! The doctors are great and I am feeling better after only a month visiting them.

    - Chris Brown
  • Very attentive and truly care about your health and well-being. Scott is great and you can tell he loves his career; very passionate! I’d recommend LIV to anyone seeking chiropractic services – although what they do, scientifically, is beyond your average chiropractor; so go and check them out!

    - Jenny Cheney
  • I have been going to Chiropractor for a number of years but never had the amazing experience that I have had at LIV  ..  No Stress .. No neck cracking or back poping  .. very efficient and I am in an out in 10 to 15 minutes .. great service … great results!!

    - James Platt
  • I have been going to this place for a few months now, and every time I go there the quality of service is top touch. Clean and relaxed environment along with amazing client care. Scott makes sure everyone is taken care of as soon as you enter the door. I never expected the results to be this good. I highly recommend this place to anyone at any age, whether it’s just to relax, ease tension in your body, or make an adjustment. This place is amazing.

    - Daniel Natanov
  • Visiting LIV Chiropractic was such a great and welcoming experience. I am not new to chiropractors but new to their style, really wanting to make permanent fixes to help my body. Dr. Scott was so helpful and really took his time in addressing my neck pain and making suggestions of things I can do at home to help! Highly recommend!!

    - Stacy Bracht
  • LIV Chiropractic does a great job for a great price. Very thorough and the environment brings healing as you walk in. If you are looking for a place to go in Edina. This is the place.

    - Nick Ciliberti
  • Great place to go for chiropractic care. The administration staff is super friendly and helpful, the Doctors and amazing. It is a clean environment with up to date technology, and their availability hours are awesome.

    - Karla Przybylski
  • Had the best experience today !!!! Really recommend this place,very professional!

    - Elizabeth Meir
  • LIV Chiropractic has an amazing staff, I would recommend them in a heart beat to any of my family or friends. Made me feel at home from the moment I walked in and helped me realize how much regular chiropractic care improves all aspects of life!

    - Maria Rohde
  • Amazing healing happening. My legs, feet, arms and hands were numb. Since working with the doctors at liv I have 90% feeling back. Amen!

    - Ruthi Siegel
  • Dr. Ken and Dr. Scott are top of the line when it comes to keeping me healthy. Being a professional basketball player my body begs that I keep it in top shape and the two doctors here have helped me every step of the way. From injury prevention to being there for me after a small injury they have more than beneficial to me and I’m personally ecstatic to be apart of the Liv Chiropractic family. When you’re looking for a place to improve mentally and physically everyday, you’ll chose Liv!

    - Jordan Poydras
  • I have had the opportunity to work directly with both Dr. Ken and Dr. Scott and have nothing but the highest regard for how much they care about the people they serve.  Dr. Scott has adjusted my wife during her pregnancy and she experienced immediate relief and sense of well being.   The technology they have makes it easy to see where my trouble areas are and the adjusting techniques are incredibly gentle.  I can’t believe how  impactful such a gentle force can be.  I can’t recommend LIV enough!

    - Jeremy Faue
  • Drs Ken and Scott and their approach to health is truly one of a kind. Their team is both kind and thoughtful. I am so grateful for all they have helped me with during my healing journey. If you are looking for a great place to find healing, community, and compassion – look no further than your amazing chiropractors at LIV Chiropractic in Edina, MN. Cami and Brantley are also the BEST! :)

    - Mel Krug
  • My experience thus far with LIV Chiropractic has been wonderful and I look forward to continuing care with them! The scans and tests I had at my first appointment showed that I had some things that needed correcting that I was completely unaware of! I am very thankful I made the initial appointment and am on track to helping my body heal. Dr. Scott Hawkins explains everything thoroughly and in a manner that is easy to understand, he answers any questions I have, and is a great listener! You can tell that he is really passionate about what he does and that he truly cares about who he helps! This is very reassuring and refreshing!

    - Morgan Goldammer
  • This company is truly amazing. Their methods are unique but they work better than any chiro care I have received anywhere else. I have never really been able to sleep in after going through their care I was able to add two additional hours per night to my sleep. They sincerely care about their clients! I highly recommend them. You will not be disappointed

    - David Daher
  • I have chiropractic to thank for such a great, healthy pregnancy and keeping my sweet boy healthy and developing as well as he can!

    Dr. Ken has been taking care of me before pregnancy, during, after and now I have Dr. Scott and Dr. Ken taking care of me during another pregnancy!! I got asked a lot why I got adjusted through my pregnancy. Chiropractic RESTORES our body’s natural ability to heal and function. So with their gentle, specific chiropractic adjustments, they helped my body heal and adapt to whatever it needed to by itself. Ultimately allowing my body to function better. That way I know my baby’s growth and development (along with mine) is the best it can be without interference! :)

    - Camille Wilson
  • Dr. Scott and Dr. Ken are a great team. I truly appreciate the new chiropractic approach to get my body closer to true health. They have such a wonderful Christian philosophy that means a lot to me. They really care about their patients. If you’re looking to treat your body the way it needs to be, include these two great doctors in your plan.

    - Ann Joos

Why Choose LIV Chiropractic For You & Your Family?

  • 86% of patients experienced improvement to their chief complaint within 3 weeks
  • 92% noticed postural improvements which led to more energy and confidence
  • 95% of patients say we have exceeded their expectations
  • 91% of patients have decided to stay on for post-problem and continual improvement care

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LIV Chiropractic is conveniently located near Eden Prairie behind Lunds & Byerlys at 71 France, next to Tide Dry Cleaners and Filament Lighting. Free parking is available. You also can reach us via public transport.