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Introductory Visit

We’d love to show you around the office! We have a state-of-the-art facility and we want you to feel right at home.

We’ll start with paperwork.  You will fill out a Health History Intake Questionnaire (HHIQ) to help our doctor know more about you.

Once you have completed your HHIQ, you will be assigned to a scan room where you will meet the doctor and then your Core Score will be determined.

The Core Score is a systematic rating scale of overall functionality. This score gives us a comprehensive benchmark as to how well your body is working.

*Expect 30 minutes for this initial appointment.

Report of Findings

This is our hallmark visit and has received raving reviews from past and current patients for it’s wealth of information, transparency and clarity of what it will take moving forward.

Once we have discussed your care-plan, we will make the first adjustment and have you on your way to a better you!

*Expect 45 minutes for this second appointment.

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Here’s What They Googled to Find LIV Chiropractic in 2018

  • 32% “My back hurts”
  • 22% “I have neck pain”
  • 16% “I don’t sleep well”
  • 14% “Why do I suffer with Migraines?”
  • 9% “My 2 year old keeps getting ear infections, what do I do?”
  • 7% “How to keep myself from getting hurt.”

The 2018 Results are in!

  • 86% of people experienced improvement to their chief complaint within 3 weeks!
  • 92% Noticed Postural Improvements Which Led To More Energy and More Confidence!
  • 100% (109/109) Of Our Online Reviewers Have Been 5-Star!
  • 95% Say We Have Exceeded Their Expectations
  • 91% of People Have Decided To Stay On For Post-Problem and Continual Improvement Care.

You Can Be Our Next Success Story!

We love to help and want to encourage you to take your health to the next level with LIV Chiropractic!

“I’m 82 years old and LIV Chiropractic has been my secret sauce. I’m confident I will be healthier at 83 than I am now and I have Dr. Scott and LIV Chiropractic to thank.”  — Phil D.

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Don’t Take it From Us, Look at Some Comments From Our Patients

I thought I was going to have to retire until I met Dr. Scott. I hadn’t been well in 30 years. LIV Chiropractic did that for me!”  Mike R.

“If you’re on fence about Chiropractic Care, try LIV Chiropractic! They’re the best.” John T.

“I was nervous to try Chiropractic Care until I met Dr. Scott and saw the way he adjusts. I found my Chiropractor!”  Chris B.

“I used to sleep less than three hours a night. Once I started getting adjusted, it wasn’t a week before I was sleeping 6 hours a night. I still think it’s a miracle.” Slava T.

“After my Report of Findings I knew I was in the right place. I really wasn’t surprised when the results started coming in. My Core Score was a 62 and now it’s an 87!”  Nick C.

A Note from Dr. Scott Hawkins

“Health is a journey and finding the right chiropractor is an important decision. Our Intro Visit and Report of Findings is designed to figure out what Chiropractic could do for you. Following the first set of visits, we have an adjusting style and office set-up that makes getting adjusted a highlight of your day. We are here to bring transparency to our community in regards to you and your health care. I’ll encourage you to book an initial appointment and we can go from there.”

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