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Better Structure, Better Function. Better Structure, Better Function!

Good Structure leads to good function. If this isn’t easily apparent to you, keep reading!

Have you ever wondered if that car accident or sports injury or fall on the ice might have messed up your structure? If you take a look in the mirror and look at your shoulders, there’s a good chance you see a low shoulder (usually a low right shoulder with a right handed person). This low right shoulder correlates with a mid-spine shift to the left and misaligned hips. But why does this matter?

Poor structure (poor posture) over time leads to sore and decaying hips, shoulders, knees and ankles. It leads to forward head posture. It leads to increased aches and pains which effects normal sleeping patterns. Ultimately, it leads to your body having to use a lot of extra energy dealing with an inefficient body.

So if good structure leads to good function then poor structure leads to poor function!

Sounds important but keep reading…

Did you know that a majority of the energy distributed by our body goes to our internal body function (Our lungs breathing, our heart beating, our stomach metabolizing food, balancing of hormones and so much more)? Maybe you have noticed a decrease in function with your body? Has your metabolism slowed down? Do you have less energy? Is your forward head posture leading to daily headaches? Maybe you have developed a gluten or dairy intolerance. These are only a few prime examples of poor function.

So on the outside you see a low right shoulder that twisted your whole spine over the past 20 years and it’s lack of efficiency has depleted your energy levels which has led to migraines, indigestion and a low back pain that has kept you from sleeping which depletes your energy more (this is a real situation that we see often).

Now imagine if before all of this happened, you attended a educational night out with your spouse and had a doctor tell you that correcting that low right shoulder now when you don’t feel any pain at all would be well worth your time. Imagine that you spent the next 2o years understanding that better structure leads to better function! Imagine the headaches (literally) that will keep you from in the long run. The knee replacements that never happened. A healthy spouse. Healthy Children. This is all possible with the wonderful gift of Corrective Chiropractic!

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